The company he represents honest, competent team offers upholstery and renovation of contemporary and antique furniture. We produce upholstered furniture according to the directory, as well as the concept and design of the customer. Our experience makes it not afraid of the toughest jobs. In our work with great care we take care of detail, because for us, every order is unique and we treat them individually, so we offer services characterized by high quality.

We also specialize in complex construction and adaptation of vehicles VAN, BUS, and a wide range of upholstery. Frayed, ripped, sunken seats bring to its original state, repair upholstery in the car accident, otherwise realize the idea of ​​the owner of the vehicle, from the hems steering by changing the soffits, floor covering, the display of the dashboard for a complete replacement of the upholstery series on leather, suede or Alcantara. Each project can enrich the selection of the thickness and color of the thread, embroidery on any selected item and all this in order to increase comfort and create a unique atmosphere in the car, typical of luxury cars.

Every day we work with suppliers of high-quality fabrics and leather upholstery, on the most varied colors and rich design. There is also the possibility of execution by our company, repair or renovation using the supplied our own materials.

We guarantee for performed services. We advise in the selection of appropriate materials to provide free consultation at the customer in Poznań and the surrounding area.